Thursday, March 2, 2017

WebConsole Release Notes for build

  • Fix: Java compatibility issue with WebConsole (v4.4.75.8)

Build through — Release Notes (CURRENT RELEASE)

  • [TT3331386] Change: corrected VPDeskbar product version
  • Internal change: remove PCE Warning invalid Remove Object ID (SIM should not remove objects not registered in PCE, and already removed objects)
  • Internal change: eliminate incorrect handle removal indication
  • [TT3331358] Fix: v.73 Clients where stuck in loading process
  • [TT3331384] Fix: High CPU usage on VPSERVER01 when there is no activity (PCE -30%)
  • [TT3331383] Fix: Random PCE crash with exception code 0xC0000094 (zero divide)
  • BCGControlBarPro Enhancement: upgraded to version BCG 2440
  • Applies to all Consoles and VPConfigurator
  • No visible difference in functionality, this is just per-requisite of further development
  • [TT3331340] Fix: Deskbar installer is failing to register .dll files on "some" PC's
  • Internal: incorrect error code was logged when import of license file failed
  • [TT3331356] Enhancement: Need 32-bit version of the VPTapiStart service
  • [TT3331349] Change: TigetText Module needs to be a licensed component
  • Internal changes in build scripts - no change in functionality.
  • [TT3331444] Fix: the “Ring PC” feature continues to ring the PC until after the call is disconnected

WebConsole Release Notes for build

  • [TT3331360] Enhancement - Call Tracker auto select from drop-down list
    [TT3331576] WebConsole, Finesse: Fix: Stuck in "Talking" state after performing blind transfer of call delivered from UCCE [ Added support for handling of Work state]
  • [TT3331586] Enhancement - Need Darker Grid Lines
  • [TT3331587] Enhancement - Auto Refresh Ext Directories [WebConsole]
  • [TT3331561] Fix - Finesse Supervisor Widget not working with UCCE
  • #6096 Widgets versioning

 WebConsole Release Notes for build through

  • [TT3330837] WebConsole Enhancement: provide alternative to CPS greetings (display comment based on incoming call) [Increased CPS area panel font size]
  • [TT3331357] Enhancement: WebConsole [Added feature to monitor ringing extensions]
  • [TT3331359] Enhancement: Need ability to edit Call Tracker records
  • [TT3331360] Enhancement: Call Tracker auto select from drop-down list
  • [TT3331361] Call Tracker – Enhancement: Display the caller’s record “details” inside history
  • [TT3331363] .73 WebConsole agent login failed [Fixed. Added escaping of "*" in topic name]
  • [TT3331364] Call Tracker New field not working as expected [Fixed callerDID and calledName fields]
  • [TT3331365] Change: Call Tracker and Tiger Txt modules to be disabled by default
  • [TT3331371] Fix: WebConsole using ACD Make Busy on RNA
  • Bug #3805 One WebConsole not shown devices after VP services restart
  • Bug #3816 Testing 186 pc restart, Restart script

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