Monday, April 22, 2019

Enterprise Release Notes for 4.4.78

• TT3331916 Enhancement – Provide ability to “join call” function on calls arriving from Finesse Implemented support for shared line calls.
• TT3331927 Enhancement – Need ability to edit Note Field. In order to use this feature the External Directory Service and VPConsole versions must match.
• TT3332000 Enhancement – Add support for InformaCast Mobile to allow Consoles to send Text Messages to devices
o New property tab "InformaCast Mobile" added to the Options window
o New button "SMS" added to the User toolbar
• TT3332015 Enhancement – Call Assist needs to support drop-down box for the input field
• TT3332021 Fix – The option “reset settings to default” for a restricted user with Windows 10

• TT3331762 Fix – Google Calendar Plugin - ID Generator installer not included in recent builds
• TT3331975 Fix – Callers are not being redirected when No Agents are available Regress bug fixed. There was an issue: ACD rule "if all agents busy" is applied to the parked call, thus causing unwanted redirection.
• TT3332018 Build .20 May have affected support of Custom Attributes in CSV files
• TT3332022 VPLicSrv Fix – Crash when licenses are removed
• TT3332020 VistaTDS Fix – Service has stopped running ( testing). Following issues have the same cause and are fixed by single change in VistaTDS ACD module:
o TT3331803 VistaTDS Service has stopped running LAB testing
o TT3331994 Server became unavailable message seen several times in testing
• TT3331831 Enhancement – Add support for 10-digit numbers in CPS. See compatibility notes
• TT3332011 Enhancement – Make search fields name font adjustable

Compatibility Notes
1. CPS MyExt, Ext, Caller and Line properties were changed to string. Scripts included with the consoles were not affected by this change, but scripts written in previous versions that specifically utilized these properties as a number and not as a string could be not working as intended.
2. For example:
a. Let's say cps.MyExt is 5020 and we want to make a call like this cps.MakeCall( cps.MyExt + 1 ). Before the change cps.MyExt + 1 would mean 5021 after this change the number it will try to call will be 50201.
b. If we would try cps.MakeCall( 1 + cps.MyExt ) before the change it would call 5021 after the change it will try to call 15020.

• TT3331916 Enhancement – Need ability to join calls arriving from Finesse
- Applied additional modifications to the already implemented enhancement.
- An internal solution will be used for joining calls for devices (88xx series phones) where joining across lines is no longer support by those devices.
- NOTE: Additional enhancements for joining Finesse calls will be in .21
• TT3331976 Enhancement - Provide method for checking how many times a call that has been AutoParked loops (VistaPoint ACD Module)
• TT3332006 Enhancement - Finesse Panel Failover using Primary/Secondary tags. Description:
o Url format in WebWiggets and WebView configuration supports tagged and alternative addresses.
o Tags and alternatives are written between braces in following formats:
o {item}
o {item1,item2}
o where item is any text except '{', '}' and ',' possibly containing tags:
 Server - follows currently connected VistaTDS server (primary or secondary)
 PrimaryServer - currently configured VistaTDS primary server
 BackupServer - currently configured VistaTDS backup server
Note: item2 is used when connection to the item1 is lost or item1 has incorrect name. This works both ways from item1 to item2 and vice versa

o All tags are case insensitive.
o There can be only one variable part '{xxx}' in url
o Variable part may contain more than just ip address or server name.
o Examples:
o http://{Server}:8008/agentStatusWidget
o http://{Server,}:8008/agentStatusWidget
o http://{,VistaPoint2}:8008/agentStatusWidget
o http://{PrimaryServer:8008,SecondaryServer:8088}/agentStatusWidget
• TT3332010 Enhancement Need to increase font size on Ext Dir Tabs
• TT3332011 Enhancement Make search field font adjustable

• TT3331991 Within the finesse widget we are seeing the oldest call in UTC format
• TT3332005 Enhancement - Need ability to manually initiate a Call Assist Code Call.

Bug fixes
• TT3331975 Fix: Callers are not being redirected when No Agents are available
• TT3331999 Fix: Ext Dir changes color on all records that do not have an associated phone number
• TT3332008 Fix: After upgrading my client to it will no longer run
• TT3332013 Fix: Console crash when invalid regular expression is entered
• #10331 Agent can receive offering call if logs out in busy state
• #10359 Comment for recalled call that is redirected isn't visible to the user
• #10371 Possible crash if ExtDir text length exceeds 255 symbols
• #10381 Users list is printed to the server log file periodically

Other changes
• TT3331982 Some functionality lost after implementing TT3331126 (requires patch and will be fixed in .21)

• TT3331967 Enhancement - Trigger alerts based on called number from a non-monitored devices
• TT3331977 Fix: Tenanting visibility restrictions are not behaving normally
• TT3331995 Fix: Toolbar layout not being saved in VPConsole
• TT3331990 Fix: Deskbar: Extension is not capable of placing calls" error
• TT3332003 Fix: Outgoing mail (SMTP) parameters are lost after creating new Emergency group
• TT3332004 Fix: Deskbar is not saving Emergency Alarm parameters when nothing else changed
• #10177 Incorrect WebWidgets visibility when running multiple instances of Console on the same PC
• #10204 Queue Display shows old On-call information when agent logs back in after RNA event
• #10262 Queue Display shows wrong state if agent logins having non ACD call
• #10289 Refactoring: Move Emergency panel to separate project (static library)

Compatibility notes
1. TT3331967 Trigger alerts based on called number from a non-monitored phone:
a. Feature is 100% supported when using matching version ( of VistaTDS server,
b. CSTAAGteway, WebConsole, CallAssit Widget, Standalone Consoles an VPDeskbar.
c. If VistaTDS server version is older than client version then new option won't be available.
d. If Clients are older that then new option (emergency on incoming calls) -- if configured --
e. will be treated by clients as older emergency call option (outgoing emergency call).

• TT3331967 Enhancement - Trigger alerts based on called number from a non-monitored phone
• TT3331997 Fix: - VPConsoles not displaying the correct patient discharge date [No discharge date prior admission date]

• TT3331977 Update Agent State inside the Queue Display Panel to show when and agent is "Connected" to a call. Also provide connected party info. Note: Queue Display refresh time interval depends on ACD parameter "Processing timeout" (default 3000 ms) requires upgrade to both server and client if prior to

Enhancements Call Assist:
• Added a text box for procedure (see documentation):
o Text area value can be set in procedure property 'Text' (1)
o Text area supports html formatted text. 'Text' field value used in screenshot example:
• Added user friendly name for procedures
o Procedure property 'Paging Procedure' should match InformaCast message title (1).
o Procedure property 'Title' indicates procedure name visible in Call Assist window (2).
• TT3331980 Fix: Ext Dir Service Mapping of HL7 data is updated only when new data field isn't blank

Bug Fixes
• TT3331965 Fix: WebReport appears to never complete when specifying multiple agents
• TT3331984 Fix: Clients are not able to connect to server. Race condition when starting read/write threads for socket eliminated.
• TT3331983 Fix: ACD incorrectly determines oldest call. Now functions "Answer device" and "AnswerGroupDevice" will correctly find oldest call.
• TT3331904 Popup alerts are being triggered for numbers with leading "0"
• #10163 InformaCast page dialog not filled with message from CallAssist widget

TT3331985 Enhancement - Call Assist electable recipient groups. Notes: Added “Paging Group” property in ‘Procedures Groups’ and ‘Procedures’ configurations (see screenshot in description). Paging group field value should match InformaCast Recipients Group. In that case ‘Click to Page’ opens popup with preselected matching recipients group.

#9216 Syslogger is missing WebConsole logs.
Syslogger enhancements:
- Correctly recognize installed version of Tomcat (32 bit vs 64 bit, tomcat7, 8, etc)
- Indicate (warning message) about multiple tomcat /WebConsole installations
- Add missing logs and configs of WebConsole and WebWidgets
- Suppress many surplus error messages
- Use compact form of TapiInfo
NOTE... Syslogger now uses PowerShell script to collect event information.
So PowerShell must be available on server (might be disabled by administrator).
#10068 Syslogger (SysGetEvents.ps1) script performance optimized when exporting Windows logs
#9972 Handling Clear Call request from WebConsole

Bug Fixes...
#9934 External Directory issues:
#9943 VPConsole: ExtDir panel search by custom attribute works incorrectly when data mixed
#9932 VPConsole: CSV ExtDir options does not store custom attributes
#9980 ExtDir panel doesn't keep custom search fields while switching display option.
#9951 Bad columns list in ExtDir data source
#9946 ExtDir options allows to create duplicated custom attributes
#9947 VPConsole: ExtDir panel shows incorrect custom attributes when multiple directories used
#9948 VPConsole: ExtDir Panel columns duplicates when using ExtDir Service
#9973 VPConsole: ExtDir panel columns duplicated when custom attribute recreated
#10024 Fix possible race condition on external directory refresh
#9986 Queue Display incorrectly shows status "Busy" although agent is not busy right now
#9992 Busy status is not updated in Queue Display if using long extensions
#9999 Directory access parameters "User DN" field doesn't trim leading and trailing whitespaces
TT3330886 Fix: Console incorrectly reflects multiple conferences in call list
TT3331020 Fix: eldump crashes when running SysLogger on Windows 2012
TT3331960 Fix: Recent Busy Code Changes Broke Queue Display
TT3331970 Fix: Possible TSP issues:
- Significantly reduce number of axl::getPhone requests per each line on the same device
- Cache short term AXL requests (axl::getPhone) to be reused on other line of the same device
- Move lengthy device registration processing to separate thread

#10010 Multiple misleading errors 'lineGetAddressStatus failed' during startup
#10046 Agent loses specific busy code if logs out a single queue
#10001 Finesse widget shows no data after auto-refresh

Other changes...
TT3331951 Fix: MediaService shows as dangerous when downloading. Media Service setup files are now signed.
#9979 log files contains unnecessary multiple messages 'logging level set to' and 'ReadLogLevel dc log level'
#10016 Consistency requirement: ensure uninitialized parameters are not used
#10083 Usability enhancement: VistaTDS service can now be restarted without restarting VPLicServer

External Directory Service
• TT3331963 Fix: MogoDB logs consuming more space than expected
• TT3331980 Fix - Ext Dir Service Mapping

• TT3330754 Enhancement - Display dialog to users that get logged out of their queue(s)
• TT3331722 Fix: Font and spacing differences in the WebConsole versus the Console or Desktop Companions
• TT3331915 Fix: Users are seeing stuck status in WebConsole
• TT3331931 Fix: Finesse Widget Queue statistics data missing
• TT3331956 Fix: CSV data source attributes mapping [WebConsole Configurator + WebConfigurator]
• TT3331972 Enhancement: Call Assist Feature to select code type
Note: TT3331915 requires server side components with matching version. Other fixes do not require server side upgrades

Features and enhancements
• TT3331956 Fix - CSV data source attributes mapping.
• TT3331757 Resolved issue with Join Call when there are many ACD Queues
• TT3331955 Provide options when using the “Refresh” button inside the Phonebook

Bug Fixes
• TT3331943 CSV External Directory not searching all fields
• TT3331953 Fix: use of the “pull back feature” is creating system outage
• #9899 Fix: TT3331916 Extra conference member when "Join across lines" is used
• #9895 Fix: VPConsole: ACD Log in button image corrupted
• #9915 Fix: VPConsole: ExtDir panel remains old data when directory disabled
• #9918 Fix: VPConsole: ACD QueueView - After dragging header items the Queue View becomes deformed
• #9919 Fix: VPConsole: ACD QueueView - Queue View doesn't show queue info although the queue contains at least one agent
• #9920 Fix: VPConsole: ACD QueueView - During "My Queues" mode Queue View display shows empty queue
• #9956 Fix: CTE broken in

Features and enhancements
• TT3331923 Enhancement – Allow Finesse agent to go back to “Ready” if in “Wrap up” state.
• TT3330779 Enhancement – Add Reason Code(s) for Make Busy while logged into queue.
o New button "Busy Codes" has been added inside VPConfigurator -> PCE General -> ACD configuration.
o Entered busy code will be visible for use by agents
o There are two default busy codes:
 id_not_answering (if agent not answering)
 id_decline (if agent declines offering call); both codes are used automatically.
o VPConsole button "Busy" now contains an additional arrow icon for dropdown menu. An agent can choose defined busy code or enter custom text.
 Selected Busy status will be displayed inside the Queue Panel
• TT3331126 Enhancement – Show who is logged into each queue. The old queue view was removed and instead new one with tree like structure containing queues and agents (their status, comments, etc') introduced.
• TT3331910 Upgrade BCGPro to version 29.0
• TT3331907 Enhancement – VPConsole ExtDir service load optimization. VPConsole now uses external Directory service feature to provide only changed entries, so refresh is much faster.
• TT3331916 Enhancement – Calls arriving from Finesse we are not able to use the “join call” function. This issue fixes not only so-called Finesse call" but enables joining of calls from different lines on the same device. CiscoTSP lineDevSpcific function "Join-across-lines" is used to achieve this capability.
o Join-across-lines should be enabled on Cisco Call manager settings:
o System->Service parameters->Server(Choose)->Service(Cisco CallManager)->Join Across Lines Policy-> should be set to ON
o Device specific settings may also need to be changed.
NOTE. Not all devices support Join across lines feature. Refer to Cisco documentation for device compatibility.
This update only requires that the CiscoSIM be updated as the older consoles will be able to join calls. However in the older consoles, the “Remove” (from conference) button may not work properly for such calls, so it is recommended to update Consoles as soon as possible
KNOWN ISSUE. If "Join call" is used on calls that are from two secondary lines, there may be an extra call with line showing as a conference member.

 TT3331929 Enhancement - Modify CPS when displaying Code Calls.
o New properties and methods added to CPS engine to support customized popups for Code calls:
 Version, CompareVersion, SetPopupColors, SetPopupTextSize, SetPopupOnTop, SetPopupTimeout.
 CPS popup Window now can be resized or moved to another place and remembers size and position.
 Several CPS popup windows can be opened at the same time. In this case:
• popups are stacked to avoid overlapping
• only first popup's size/position is saved/restored.
• Enter, Esc and Space keys closes currently active (focused) popup dialog.

 TT3330754 Enhancement – Display dialog to users that get logged out of their queue(s)
Bug fixes
 #9855 Fix: Invalid default text size in call list (Medium, should be Normal)
 TT3331895 Fix: VPConsloe VPConsole visual defect - gridlines not aligned to header Fixed case in External Directory panel (depends on column re-ordering)
 TT3331937 & TT3330498 Fix: text needs adjusting (truncated)
 #9874 Fix: Media service does not accept SAM usernames Old version of media service did not accept names in DOMAIN\user format. Fix allows use of both DOMAIN\user and user@domain formats
 TT3331935 Fix: Ext Dir Layout Issues....Not saving user layout

Features and enhancements
• TT3331140 Enhancement – Add the Highlight feature to all lists the same as in External Directory. Added highlight feature to
o BLF groups (list and icon view)
o Group list
o Queue display
o Parked calls panel
o Conference box
o Queue list
o Recent call log.
• TT3331770 Enhancement – Deskbar for ACD Agent should have option “show tray icon” & icon has four (4) possible statuses.
• TT3331901 Enhancement – Add support of Tabbed Directories in the Ext Dir Service
o Select service connection in ExtDir options
o Press Edit, then Refresh and Save.
o Auxiliary child connections will be created; they can be renamed or removed.
• TT3330990 Enhancement – Clear call tool is missing in Parked Calls panel.
• TT3330003 Enhancement – Feature to allow the admin to release licenses and see DN that is being used. Note: this is a partial implementation in VP License Administrator
o Show extension number with host name.
o F5 key now works as refresh key.
• TT3331394 Enhancement – Insert a comment specific to the call being highlighted
• TT3330498 ACD Enhancement – Provide ability to display Make Busy Status to user Call list caption flashes in Busy mode. Flashing can be turned off in Misc options.
• TT3331446 ACD Enhancement – Right-click on queue to log out
• TT3330909 ACD Enhancement – Need to Auto Log out Agents at defined time New option added in VPConfigurator "ACD configuration" tab.
• TT3331827 ACD Enhancement - Decline Call New toolbar button "Decline" added. Misc options contains address to redirect. Note: shortcut CTRL+ALT+D is available in a fresh installation or after registry cleaning (delete SettingsV2).
• TT3331907 VPConsole ExtDir service load optimization. Incremental data loading implemented so that VPConsole loads only updates since last check from External Directory Service.
• #9771 Enhancement – Automatically use server IP in WebWidgets via "{Server}" tag (without quotes) in default widget configurations. Web Views would refresh on server change. NOTE. "{Server}" tag will not be automatically used if user already changed ip address, or used previous version of VistaPoint with WebWidgets support ( In such case user need to do clean install, or change server url manually using "{Server}" tag.
• TT3331919 Enhancement – Provide option in Mongo DB (HL7 DB) to support failover event in thick client. VPConsole: "{Server}" tag added to configuration of External Directory connection. This tag will be automatically replaced by IP address of current VistaTDS server (primary or secondary). During fail-over External Directory connection will be automatically switched to alternative server. Important Note: "{Server}" tag will not be automatically used if user already used External Directory connection before upgrading Console to In such case user need to do clean install, or change server URL manually using "{Server}" tag.

Bug fixes
• TT3331898 Fix: Call Assist not working in VPConsole
• TT3331797 Slowness due to memory leak when using Exchange Plugin Final fix in VPExchangePlugin component. Duplicate note entries has been eliminated.
• TT3331895 Grid lines are not aligned to the header
• TT3331897 Double grid lines in Call List, BLF list and External Directory views
• TT3331896 Cell height inconsistent when using grid lines
• TT3331759 Ext Dir Tabs not adjusting to change in screen resolution
• TT3331905 VPConsole don't refresh ExtDir panel
• TT3331899 Deskbar - Some calls getting stuck in the call list
• TT3331921 External Directory column layout changes when HA fail-over takes place
• #9649 Fix - VPCallCtrl.ocx logging broken
• #9701 Add logging to VPCallCtrl consistent with logging policy
• #9659 VPConsole ExtDir options doesn't save connection state
• #9164 Web Widget URL changes only after Console restart
• #9160 URL in WebView panel is ignored if changed
• #7807 Console crash on closing when CPS editor left open.
• #8182 Watchdog log entry illegible with VistaTDS email notification

Other changes
• #9602 Decode grid line color in VP Consoles log file
• #9682 Remove deprecated projects.

WebConsole build v4.4.78.1301
• TT3331716 Fix and error found during testing of this TT item

4.4.78. 13 WebConsole
• TT3331586 Enhancement: Allow user to set Darker Grid Lines
• TT3331716 Enhancement: Highlighting option having the line selected background color become the color of the text
• TT3331857 Fix: WebConsole CSV Lookup not working
• TT3331900 Enhancement: Ability to hide Call Variables in Finesse Widget
• TT3331903 Fix: Defect - Finesse Widget Logging Issue
• TT3331908 Fix: WebConsole external directory not searching correctly when using more than one field
Note. TT3331857 requires Stand-Alone components of v4.4.78.13

• TT3331890 Fix: Issue found in when using Grid Lines

Features and enhancements
• TT3331716 Highlighting option as requested by customers by having the line selected background color become the color of the text. A new checkbox "Invert colors when selected" added in Highlight Options for External Directory.
• TT3331773 Deskbar for ACD Agent doesn’t have a way to define a backup server.
• TT3331586 VPConsole and VPDesktop now supports multicolor gridline, which is available in Call list, Extensions list and External Directory views.

Bug Fixes
• TT3330296 DEV/Cisco SIM: application will try to access dwMediaModes for NULL object.
• TT3331888 Console companion Finesse widget issue when closing the application.

• TT3331719 Enhancement - Track time user clicked "Page" inside Call Tracker and Call Assist Modules.
• TT3331789 WebConsole cosmetic issue when cells are sized fairly small (lower screen resolution.)
• TT3331864 After WebConsole upgrade when LDAP is enabled from external directory service it creates issues. Fix: Improved External Directory list performance. The results when tested with 150K records are as follows:
o Initial ExternalDirecotry loading ~30s
o Tab change operation 3-4s
o Various list operations (sorting, filtering) 2-3s
Recommended 'Page Size' setting when working with 150k records: 50000 Page Size can be set with VP WebConfigurator ExternalDirectory->Data Sources->Page size
• TT3331871 Change name of Agent Status Widget
• TT3331874 Fix: WebConsole Media Toolbar not staying hidden
• TT3331875 Fix: VPConsole not saving Finesse Widget Settings
• TT3331880 Fix: Finesse Widget - Call Variable data disappears
• TT3331881 Fix: Defect - Finesse Widget - Wrapup Codes don’t function
• TT3331882 Fix: Defect - Consoles not retaining last ext
• TT3331883 Fix: LDAP login in VPConsole and WebConsole are not retaining last extension logged in
• TT3331875 Fix: Defect VPConsole not saving Finesse Widget Settings
• #9463 Improve widgets logging by sending client log to server side

Bug fixes
• TT3331879 Issue with build installer

Features and enhancements
• TT3331871 Change - Change name of Agent Status Widget
• TT3331664 Enhancement: Increase Emergency Alert number field capacity
o Extensions can be written as a single extension (can have '+' prefix)
o Extensions can be written with wildcards ('?' wildcard means any single symbol, it is used when number can start with prefix or a digit, 'x' or 'X' wildcard means any single digit)
o Extensions also can be written as a range (range beginning has to be smaller or the same as range end, if range beginning and range end must have the same prefix - '+' or none, range cannot have wildcards, range extensions can be separated by '-' or by ':' with no other symbols in between).
o Extensions and ranges written before '/', 'except', 'not' or 'exclude' are included in range, and ranges or extensions after these separators are excluded.
o Extensions and ranges can be separated by whitespace (' '), comma (','), semicolon (';'), comma and semicolon can have whitespaces before and after them.
o Examples:
Filter Explanation
Depends on usage context, can be 'No numbers' or 'All numbers'
* Any number is valid (usage of '*' is allowed or forbidden depending on context)
123456,564 123 ; 911 Valid numbers are: 123456, 564, 123, and 911
X450 Valid numbers are: 0450, 1450, 2450, ... 9450
?450 Valid number is number 450 prefixed with any ASCII character
1000-2000 3000:5000 / 455x Valid number are numbers from 1000 to 2000, 3000 to 5000 except numbers from 4550 to 4559

Additional notes:

1. This new format has been implemented in multiple places for consistency:
a. Configurator:
i. PCE:
1. General - ACD - Rules:
2. Add - Assigned Agents (Empty field or '*' can be used as 'all numbers')
3. Add - Devices to monitor
4. Pool devices
5. Devices to monitor
6. Emergency - Alert Numbers
7. Emergency - Extensions to monitor for alert numbers ('*' can be used as 'all numbers')
ii. Cisco SIM:
1. General - SIM startup options:
a. Extensions (Empty field or '*' can be used as 'all numbers')
b. Add - Extensions (Empty field or '*' can be used as 'all numbers')
2. Call automation - Managed devices
3. Cisco Native Call Queuing - Add - Extensions that monitors Hunt Pilot (Empty field or '*' can be used as 'all numbers')
4. Cisco Unified Contact Center - Add – Watchers
2. New format (wild cards and exclude range) for emergency numbers is only valid if both - Server and Standalone Console clients are updated to the same version (, so do not use it until Console clients are at matching version.
3. New format (wild cards and exclude range) is not yet supported in WebConsole, so do not use not use new format until WebConsole is able to accept it.

• TT3331719 Enhancement: Track time user clicked "Page" inside Call Tracker and Call Assist Modules (Event Logger widget integration with StandAlone components). This is partial implementation (preview):
o Event Logger widget integrated to Standalone console
o Some events are not properly logged and will be fixed in next version.
Event or Action Logging
Offered call event
Answered call event
Originated call event
Held call event
Retrieved call event
Dropped call event
Make call action
Answer call action
Hold call action
Unhold call action
Hangup call action
Send call action VTDS blind transfer
Consult call action Supervisor transfer
Complete call transfer action
Cancel call transfer action
Send InformaCast page OK
Not Logged
Not Logged
Partial (no names)
Partial (no name of third party)
Partial (no name of third party)
Partial (no name of third party)
Partial (no name of third party)
Not Logged

Bug fixes
• TT3331866 LDAP login should read all extensions from telephone fields with multiple values
• TT3331797 Slowness noticed due to memory leak. Partial fix: Memory leak in Exchange plugin addressed.
• #9225 External directory search and sorting by Note column does not work

Features and enhancements
• TT3331155 Update Enterprise directory applet java version. Solved by removing Java dependency from Enterprise Directory (task #8301) :
• VPEnterpriseSetup fresh install no longer requires Java
• VPEnterpriseSetup update install removes jar java file (applet)
• Additionally, call status refresh in ED window fixed.

• TT3331426 Enhancement - Need ability to Add/Edit Status Notes from within the Ext Dir contact menu
• TT3331594 Enhancement - Need ability to insert/edit status note from Ext Dir
(Duplicate of TT3331426)
#9201 Reworking WebView to use chromium engine

Bug fixes
• TT3331852 VPConsole WebView - memory leak on refresh. Fixed by reworking WebView to chrome engine (task #9201)
• TT3331854 BLF Update option missing from Misc settings (VPConsole) (regress after TT3331718)
• TT3331797 Slowness noticed due to memory leak. Fixed memory leak in VistaPoint Exchange 2010 plugin
• #9238 Empty error message when trying to add custom panel with existing name
• #9239 No error message when renaming custom panel to already existing name
• #9237 VPBrowserChild.exe need to show version and better name in ProcExp

Other changes
This version of VPConsole and VPAgentCOnsole spawns additional processes VPBrowserChild.exe. These processes are used to render HTML pages according Chromium out-of-process architecture.

Features and enhancements
• EnumerateTapiDevices:
• now show devices being enumerated immediately on console, opens in notepad at the end;
• uses multicolumn (compact) output where possible by default;
• Provides summary (totals by type) at the end of report
Bug fixes
• TT3331851 BLF numbers are not populated to CallBox when BLF selected (regress after TT3331718)
• TT3331718 Support of WebView and Modules in Console Companion. Follow-up: fix default tcp port for Finesse Widget

• TT3331155 Update Enterprise directory applet java version. Partial
Add ED (VpWebExt.dll) log collection to syslogger
• TT3331718 - Enhancement - Support of WebView and Modules in Console Companion:
• Implemented web browsing feature inside Console Companion and Agent Console
• Web panels can be created through "Settings"->"Options"->"Custom Panels"
• Implemented floating and docking of panels as well as docking multiple panels into tabs
• If panel is tabbed or fully visible on screen, it will be shown as available in the "View" drop down menu
• Implemented support of Finesse and Call Assist widgets inside Standalone Consoles
• Supported consoles: Console Companion, Agent Console
• The URL for web widgets can be changed in the Custom Panel settings.

Note: WebView modules are dependent in Internet Explorer version - requires that Internet Explorer 11 be installed. IE11 is available by default in newest Windows versions (Win10+) or can be installed using IE11 offline installer from Microsoft's site.

• TT3331844 VPConsole misses first entry of multi-page ExternalDirectory service responses
• TT3331840 ExtDir VPConsole freezing during large directory refresh (100K entries)
• Initial optimization: eliminate multiple calls to the same function inside loop and unnecessary copying of memory objects. Tab switch time reduced to ~10 seconds form 20-30 seconds)
• use binary format for ExteDir cache (loads/saves 10 times faster)Tab switch time reduced to ~8 seconds
• move ExtDir cache saving to separate (non-GUI) thread Tab switch time reduced to ~5-6 seconds
• void duplicate operations (Sort, MakeVisibleLst) Tab switch time reduced to ~2.5 second
• Pre-load telephone type strings instead of computing each time. Time for ordering by telephone type reduced

NOTE. Format of external directory cache file (external_directory.cache) has changed. When VPConsole with this update runs for the first time old saved cache file cannot be used, so external directory tabs will be empty until refreshed from server. Cache is saved in new format after refresh and subsequent runs will load cache correctly.

#9155 Fix: CiscoSIM Unpark fails for park places with long numbers
VPConsole update (Client side only):
• TT3331830 Console connection to External Directory Service
- Additional enhancements:
1. Translate telephoneType values into human readable text instead of type ids:
telephoneAssistant -> Telephone assistant
ipPhone -> extension
mobile -> mobile
otherMobile -> other mobile
telephoneNumber -> telephone
otherTelephone -> other telephone
homePhone -> home phone
otherHomePhone -> other home phone
facsimileTelephoneNumber > fax
otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber -> other fax
2. Enable search by custom phone types such as "Nurse phone" or "Nurse Station"
• TT3331830 Fix: Console connection to External Directory Service
• BugFix: incorrect data displayed when server reports all data in single page
VPConsole update (Client side only):
TT3331830 Added support for Console connection to External Directory Service. Reduced memory usage when using large External Directories (more than 500,000 phone entries)

- Needs matching version of External Directory Service (at least, otherwise Externa Directory Service tab won't work
Server-side changes
#8976 Fix: ACD stops redirecting when logged out of single queue
TT3331832 Fix: CSTAGateway crash when processing calls on long numbers

Client side changes (Console)
TT3331831 Fix: 10 digit workaround not included in CPS. Executive.cpsjs with long numbers support
No changes - just number changed due to failing build
Server-side changes
#8987 Agent Greeting - CSTA Gateway. Recording and licensing support for WebConsole.
#8988 Media service - setup. Use different names for 32 and 64 bit setups: VPMediaSetup.exe / VPMediaSetup_x64.exe
#8988 Media service setup. Use different Display name in Control Panel: VistaPoint Media Service / VistaPoint Media Service 64bit
TT3331829 CiscoSIM service fails to stop after TDS connection lost
TT3331274 VPTapiStart service is not seen in Configurator output (About box).
#8992 Media service license ignored in PCE

Client side changes
TT3331820 Non-monitored phone should trigger emergency alerting by calling
Added feature to Executive.cpsjs


Agent Greeting Enhancements (TT3331808)
• TT3331779 – Fix: Agent Greeting not working with VistaPoint ACD AutoParked Calls. Additional configuration options were added to the agent greeting dialog.

• Agent Greetings are separated into three (3) types:
o Personal Greeting - Greeting is configured based on dialed number (DID) and redirected from fields. It is played when a call for the agent matches the specified fields.
o Personal Direct Greeting - Greeting is played when the agent's number was dialed by the caller.
o Global Greeting - Played when no other greeting is applicable based on configuration.
• TT3331807 – Enhancement: Ability to record voice through Media Service. An additional button, named "Record greeting,” was added to the "Media" toolbar. When clicked, allows the user to specify the name of a recording and either start recording a greeting with the specified name or listen to the greeting.
o Buttons are provided for both recording a greeting and playing it back.
o Recording or playback state is specified inside the dialog during selected procedure.
o If a recording name matches an existing one - recording will not be available.
o In this case a "Delete" button is provided to erase a greeting if it is no longer needed.
o Both recording and playback procedures can be stopped by either using the provided buttons or manually dropping the call on the phone.
• TT3331779 and TT3331807 – Enhancement: Additional Media Service configuration options. Several options were added to the "Agent Greeting" section inside the Configurator.
o Ability to restrict greeting playback to ACD Route-Points.
 If option is selected, no greeting will be played unless configured for use with ACD Route-Point numbers. This means that "Personal Direct Greeting" and "Global Greeting" types will never be used, even when configured.
o The "Voice recorder" section was added to the Media Service properties. Similar to "Agent Greeting,” it is required to specify which CTI devices will be used for both recording and playback.
• TT3331813 – Fix: Audible crackling during agent greeting eliminated any undesirable noise during "Agent Greeting" playback.
• #8877 Media Service crashes on PCE message.

Other changes
Messages on the PCE were processed in an incorrect way, which could have led to future processing issues. This has been fixed to process messages the same way as CiscoSIM. NOTE: Due to this change, the updated Media Service cannot be used with previous versions of VistaTDS.

#8970 Occasionally, VistaTDS.log file is created in Windows folder.
• TT3331764 Fix: The InformaCast plugin is not working in VistaPoint. Error logging, and use RecipientGroupServiceV1 endpoint.
• TT3330984 Fix: Enterprise Directory - LdapAdmin.asp is omitting a couple of tables necessary to complete configuration. Log error if ODBC connection fails.
• #8930 Fix: Crash in number-translation dialog when regex pattern is invalid.
• #8915 Fix: AutoAnswer function does not reset its status after missed call.
• TT3331738 Change: Need to have CUCM option for 12X in SIM configuration.
• TT3331818 Enhancement - Need ability to send DTMF from Console to support alphanumeric pagers.
• #8892 Change: ExtDir - reduce logging (follow logging guidelines).
• #8975 Fix possible crash of VPConsole when removing device comments:
Client side bug (Possible crash of console when VistaTDS/PCE sends uninitialized member vars)). Server side bug (VistaTDS/PCE sends uninitialized member vars)).

WebConsole 4.4.78
Issue when Finesse agent does not logout after WebConsole exit.
Fix which should logout Finesse agent during WebConsole close operations already was added in WebConsole v4.4.77.23. We also added new minor changes related with Finesse widget logoff operation in updated WebConsole v4.4.78.0.
Issue when Finesse agent does not work after phone reset.
We tested scenario when reset phone using CUCM administration GUI. In result of phone reset widget showed “Not Ready” agent status. After that we tried to set phone to ready status and it was successfully changed. It is possible that issue was fixed in version That version had few changes related with agent status handling.
In case customer still reproduces issue with updated WebConsole v4.4.78.0 then we need browser network log (HAR) when user resets phone and after that fails to change agent state to “Ready.”

• TT3331683 Fix: Jabber plugin migrated to Jabber SDK v11.8.2. Implementation. Notes: Jabber plugin of WebConsole supports only Chrome browser. Firefox browser to be supported at a later date.
o To enable Jabber plugin following Chrome extension should be installed: Cisco Web Communicator (

WebConsole Release Notes for build
• TT3331750 Update year in copyright strings (2018)

• TT3331674 Enhancement: Add ACD Support into DeskBar.
• Follow-up: improve usability, login in ACD, show message if server forces agent to log off from ACD.
• TT3330113 Enhancement: Agent Greeting. Fully disabled media call processing for unlicensed Media Service applications.
Note: Removed need to manually enable media toolbar through registry in Console Companion and Agent Console.

• TT3330113 Enhancement - Agent Greeting
• TT3331674 Enhancement: Add ACD Support into DeskBar.
• TT3331693 Fix: Console Companion, External Directory - Custom attributes data no longer appearing.
• TT3331765 Fix: Console licenses not released when PCE server crashed.
• TT3331141 Enhancement - Ability to Rename Ext Dir Tabs.
Note. For Agent greeting installation and configuration see: Agent Greeting Setup.pdf
Known issues:
• Usability issues of ACD Support in DeskBar
• Deskbar doesn't remember what queues were logged in before
• After restoring of VistaTDS connection user needs to log back in

• TT3330113 - Agent Greeting - Internal release

• internal test build

WebConsole Release Notes for build
• TT3331715 Fix: Some BLF cells are showing idle state as “inactive” when idle in WebConsole
• TT3331727 Fix: Join call in WebConsole at connecting to server in not working

WebConsole Release Notes for build
• TT3331247 Finesse Widget: license not found
• TT3331709 Enhancement: Cells forwarded to internal numbers, should display the name along with forwarded ext. info inside the BLF Cell [Implemented in WebConsole]

• TT3331750 Need to update year in copyright strings (2018).
• TT3331498 Enhancement - Provide user ability to color-code Ext Dir tabs.
• TT3330892 Enterprise Directory LDAP and CUCM connections resulting in error. Partial: add 10.x and 11.x CUCM versions. \\ca-source\E$\4.4\\VPEnterprise
• TT3331746 Fix: Issue with and Hunt Pilot status notifications.
• TT3331742 Fix: VPLite console locking up.
• TT3331141 Enhancement - Ability to Rename Ext Dir Tabs.
• #7625 Fix: VPLite not sorting BLF by Forward Info. Fixed in GEN4 as commons problem.

Internal test build

• TT3331709 Enhancement: Cells forwarded to internal numbers, should display the name along with forwarded ext. info inside the BLF Cell [Implemented in Console Companion]

• T3331705 Enhancement - Arrow Keys must allow user to move up and down inside Ext Dir
• TT3331611 Enhancement - Add ability to auto clear search fields after call transfer using right-click inside directory.
• TT3331693 Console Companion, External Directory. Custom attributes data no longer appearing.
• TT3330079 Personal group name pre-appended "~" reduces efficiency of call processing. Partial: Except Outlook. After update VPConsole will no longer appends or removes "~" automatically, instead it will allow to do this manually.
So, if user already has local groups, then these groups will look like before (with ~).
o If user edits local BLF group then the ~ will be present as regular character, and can be removed or added manually.
o If user creates new groups the ~ will not be added.
o To avoid possible name conflict with global groups, VPConsole adds space to the end of local group name. Global groups coming from CUCM does not have space at the end (CUCM strips spaces), however with older consoles it was possible to enter space at the end.
o If this is the case (global group name contains one space at the end, and matches local group's name) then only global group will be shown. To see local group you need to rename global group (BLFAdmin) without spaces at the end.
o New version of BLFAdmin won't allow spaces at the end of group name.

• TT3331699 Fix: When using “join call” the user must “reselect” the call in the call list to drop
• TT3331700 Fix: When starting a Conference call you must “reselect” the call in the call list to drop

• Version number increased due to incomplete build

• TT3331612 Fix: Exchange & CUPS Plugins. When swapping status note IDs (Jabber/Exchange) the order of notes remains for just a few minutes and then resets. This fixes the ordering by note ID. Notes from plugins are ordered by plugin ID. This change also supports BLF Cells to be vertically resized
• Fix possible CiscoSIM crash when using Cisco Native Call Queuing.
• Internal: remove deprecated project VPExchangePlugin (replaced by VPExchange2010plugin).

• [TT3331691] Fix: Park Panel in “BLF View” is missing CallerID of parked call.
This is client side fix - no need to update servers

Changes since
• [TT3331682] Fix: VPLite/VPConsole not able to save last position of park panel

WebConsole Release Notes build
• [TT3331680] Fix: Unable to send call to the same entry in Phonebook or groups without selecting a different entry first
• [TT3331681] Fix: WebConsole the “Search at beginning of a field” option is checked but does not behave like it is checked

• [TT3331685] Fix: issues noticed in build during ACD loop load testing.
1. VPConsole - high CPU usage when ACD toolbar is enabled
2. CiscoSIM memory leak during ACD loop test
• #7053 – Fix: CiscoSIM - memory leak after pullback operation.

• [TT3331001] Fix: CiscoSIM may randomly fails to process fast asynchronous responses from TAPI. This fix may have positive impact on TT3331642 VistaPoint outages reported on
• [TT3331654] Commandline tool for DB export. Additional fixes:
 Correctly insert binary characters into string.
 Accept multiline values.
 Remove 8K line limit when importing csv files.
• [TT3331656] Enhancement: Additional Parked Call information.
• [TT3331662] Enhancement: Add option to Show/Hide agent’s ACD queues.
• [TT3331666] Fix: SIM-related crash issue reported by customer in Patch that was provided is now included with this release. CiscoSIMx64_4.4.77.
• [TT3331671] Fix: Need to re-select active call from the status window to CANCEL/COMPLETE Transfer.
• [TT3331672] Enhancement: Provide option to Cancel Transfer using right-click.
• [TT3331676] Fix: Incorrect call list sorting after call info changes.
• [TT3331677] Change: Add radio button option to integrate with remote DB during server installation.
• [TT3331678] Fix: License Administrator crash when PCE server is not started.
• [TT3331679] Fix: Mouse right click on BLF not always set number in CallBox.
• Cosmetic: Fix file name in VPLicAdm.exe version info (visible in explorer - properties).
• Cosmetic: #6981 ERROR Invalid object reported in logs.
• Cosmetic: #6941 Console icons missing on some commands.
• Cosmetic: Empty error message displayed when user changes extension password and password do not match.
• #6916 External Directory service does not start on test server. Workaround implemented: 2 trial licenses created for External Directory service (1 license consumed by PCE). NOTE: In production environment you need to issue two licenses (VPEXTD)
Known issues
1. DB export/import tool (VPDBExchange.exe) and DB export/import option in VPConfigurator may fail to import user password into new database.
1. Password hashes are converted to binary data and stored in SQL server's NVARCHAR field.
2. Binary data is not compatible with default SQL Server's UNICODE/ANSI translation rules. This depends on actual characters used in password.
3. Database access library that was used for this tool losses some binary characters when reading and/or writing binary data.

• [TT3331637] Fix: Issue seen when using Auto Pullback feature with external calls.
• [TT3331642] Fix: VistaPoint crash scenarios:
- Dead-lock/crash due to Fail fast policy (transformed to Continue with error indication)
- Crash due to using deleted call object.
• [TT3331654] New Tool for exporting databases
• VPDBExchange.exe added to VistaPoint server Setup
• VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6842 Database import loses relations when table has identity column
• VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6843 Database might loose some data when importing subset of tables
• VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6845 misleading error messages when when DSN connection fails.
• VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6833 Configurator export to csv creates empty record when table is empty

WebReports Release Notes for build
• [TT3331542] Fix: Reporting: issue regarding numbers not matching between report types

WebConsole Release Notes for build
• [TT3331651] Fix: When “+” is used to ID devices, the WebConsole is refreshing about 8 seconds after login. Displays error that no licenses are available
• [TT3331644] Enhancement - Add Queue stats to Finesse Widgets [Show only assigned queues data]

• [TT3331634] Fix: Do not show connected party in BLF when expanded (global option in Option->Display)
• [TT3331640] Fix: WebConsole - pullback options should be disabled when pullback feature is not enabled on VPServer/SIM
• [TT3331644] Enhancement: Add Queue Stats to Finesse Widgets
• #6746 CPS script 'CSV Lookup' doesn't show greetings
• #6619 Fix: Theme changing only works in Administrator mode

WebConsole Release Notes for build
• TT3331640 Change: WebConsole pullback options should be disabled when pullback feature is not enabled on Server/SIM
• TT3331644 Enhancement: Add Queue Stats to all Finesse Widgets
• #6746 Fix: CPS script 'CSV Lookup' doesn't show greetings

• [TT3331634] Change: Console Companion & WebConsole: "Show Connected Party" disabled by default, to require admin login.
• [TT3331640] Fix: WebConsole - pullback options should be disabled when pullback feature is not enabled on Server/SIM. Added MANAGEDTRANSFER capability support in CSTAGateway.
• #6652 Service installs should not allow choosing everyone vs Just me.
Affected installers:
o VPIEPluginSetup
o VPLync2013PresencePluginSetup
o VPLyncPresencePluginSetup
o VPExchange2010PluginSetup
o VPGoogleCalendarPluginSetup
• #6651 Use consistent prefix in product names (VistaPoint Enterprise)
Affected components:
o VPGoogleCalenderSQLSetup
o VPIEPluginSetup
o VPLync2013PresencePluginSetup
o VPLyncPresencePluginSetup
o VPWebGoogleIDGeneratorSetup
o VPExchange2010PluginSetup
o VPGoogleCalendarPluginSetup
• #6703 Fix: Unable to change visibility of some columns in parked calls list view

WebConsole (
• [TT3331324] Change: Naming convention of VistaPoint services should always be consistent [Updated SB server name]
• [TT3331634] Change: Console Companion & WebConsole: "Show Connected Party" disabled by default, to require admin login

WebReports (
• [TT3331635] WebReports - New report to show queue statistics grouped by CalledId
• [TT3331636] Fix: Web reports (Queue Statistics)

WebConsole (
• [TT3330884] Fix: External call not displayed in conference box
• [TT3331231] Fix: WebConsole: unable to select multiple cells to add to personal group
• [TT3331600] Fix: External Directory - WebConsole [Fixed hidden status column]
• [TT3331603] Update - update existing FHIR HL7 interface to latest standard
• [TT3331605] Fix: WebConsole continues to display Emergency Alert
• [TT3331611] Enhancement - Add ability to auto clear Ext Dir search fields after call transfer
• [TT3331616] Enhancement - Option to show item BOLD [Implemented in WebConsole]
• #6324 Finesse re-login after sign-out in Firefox
• #6325 Finesse login fields validation

VistaPoint Enterprise (
• Change: #6626 64 bit setup must include 64 bit dbghelp.dll.
• Fix: #6608 possible crash of Agent console crash when changing groups
• Fix: #6516 Send call not working if pullback option selected in console but not enabled on server.
• build_4.4.76.12
• Fix: bug #6499 Pullback options in Console (radio button) may show double selection.
• TT3331620 Fix: Calls are not being redirected to a free agent. Merged from CiscoSIM patch
• TT3331572 Fix: Random phones are unable to be set to DND. Merged from CiscoSIM patch
• TT3331616 Enhancement: Option to show item BOLD (final)

• TT3331520 Enhancement to Call Back feature – show who the call was redirected from on RNA
• build_4.4.76.5
• TT3331610 Fix: VistaTDS crash (#6247 PCE stability test Fixed crash found during ACD loop testing and in CallGenerator tests.
• TT3331622 Fix: VPConsole startup time increased and Emergency notification fails (regress in .
• TT3331621 Fix: Transferring call results in loss of call comment
• TT3331587 Enhancement: Auto Refresh Ext Directories
• TT3331611 Enhancement: Option to auto clear search fields after call transfer
• Cosmetic Console GUI fix - Call box was incorrectly cleared when row is unselected in external directory.
• Internal: Reduce # of ACD log messages at info level
• Internal: Add ANNOTATION DUMP feature to VistaTDS to ask dump of internal structures from Configurator
• TT3331617 Fix: Can no longer create a functional secondary SIM instance
• TT3331579 Enhancement - new method to transfer calls in UCCX/E deployments


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