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Release Notes 4.4.77.x
Current release:  (with WebConsole) 


VPConsole update (Client side only):

  • [TT3331830]Console connection to External Directory Service
    -  Additional enhancements: Translate telephoneType values into human readable text instead of type ids:
    - Enable search by custom phone types such as "Nurse phone" or "Nurse Station"
  • [TT3331830]Console connection to External Directory Service
    -BugFixincorrect data displayed when server reports all data in single page


VPConsole update (Client side only):

  • [TT3331830]Added support for Console connection to External Directory Service. Reduced memory usage when using large External Directories (more than 500,000 phone entries)


  • Compatibility
    Needs matching version of External Directory Service (at least, otherwise Externa Directory Service tab won't work 


Server-side changes

  • #8976Fix: ACD stops redirecting when logged out of single queue
  • [TT3331832]Fix:CSTAGateway crash when processing calls on long numbers

Client-side changes (Console)

  • [TT3331831]Fix:10 digit workaround not included in CPS. Executive.cpsjs with long numbers support


No changes - just number changed due to failing build


Server-side changes

  • #8987 Agent Greeting - CSTA Gateway. Recording and licensing support for WebConsole.
  • #8988 Media service - setup. Use different names for 32 and 64 bit setups: VPMediaSetup.exe / VPMediaSetup_x64.exe
  • #8988 Media service setup. Use different Display name in Control Panel: VistaPoint Media Service / VistaPoint Media Service 64bit           
  • [TT3331829] CiscoSIM service fails to stop after TDS connection lost
  • [TT3331274] VPTapiStart service is not seen in Configurator output (About box).
  • #8992 Media service license ignored in PCE

Client side changes

  • [TT3331820]Non-monitored phone should trigger emergency alerting by calling
    Added feature to Executive.cpsjs

VistaPoint Enterprise (

Agent Greeting Enhancements (TT3331808)

  • [TT3331779] Fix: Agent Greeting not working with VistaPoint ACD AutoParked Calls. Additional configuration options were added to the agent greeting dialog.
  • Agent Greetings are separated into three (3) types:
    • Personal Greeting - Greeting is configured based on dialed number (DID) and redirected from fields. It is played when a call for the agent matches the specified fields.
    • Personal Direct Greeting - Greeting is played when the agent's number was dialed by the caller.
    • Global Greeting - Played when no other greeting is applicable based on configuration.
  • [TT3331807] Enhancement: Ability to record voice through Media Service. An additional button, named "Record greeting", was added to the "Media" toolbar. When clicked, allows the user to specify the name of a recording and either start recording a greeting with the specified name or listen to the greeting.
    • Buttons are provided for both recording a greeting and playing it back.
    • Recording or playback state is specified inside the dialog during selected procedure.
    • If a recording name matches an existing one - recording will not be available.
    • In this case a "Delete" button is provided to erase a greeting if it is no longer needed.
    • Both recording and playback procedures can be stopped by either using the provided buttons or manually dropping the call on the phone.
  • [TT3331779] and [TT3331807] – Enhancement: Additional Media Service configuration options. Several options were added to the "Agent Greeting" section inside the Configurator.
    • Ability to restrict greeting playback to ACD Route-Points.
      • If option is selected, no greeting will be played unless configured for use with ACD Route-Point numbers. This means that "Personal Direct Greeting" and "Global Greeting" types will never be used, even when configured.
    • The "Voice recorder" section was added to the Media Service properties. Similar to "Agent Greeting", it is required to specify which CTI devices will be used for both recording and playback.
  • [TT3331813] Fix: Audible crackling during agent greeting eliminated any undesirable noise during "Agent Greeting" playback.
  • #8877     Media Service crashes on PCE message.

Other changes

Messages on the PCE were processed in an incorrect way, which could have led to future processing issues. This has been fixed to process messages the same way as CiscoSIM. NOTE: Due to this change, the updated Media Service cannot be used with previous versions of VistaTDS.

#8970 Occasionally, VistaTDS.log file is created in Windows folder.

    • [TT3331764] Fix: The InformaCast plugin is not working in VistaPoint. Error logging and use RecipientGroupServiceV1 endpoint.
    • [TT3330984] Fix: Enterprise Directory - LdapAdmin.asp is omitting a couple of tables necessary to complete configuration. Log error if ODBC connection fails.
    • #8930 Fix: Crash in number-translation dialog when regex pattern is invalid.
    • #8915 Fix:  AutoAnwser function does not reset its status after missed call.
    • [TT3331738] Change: Need to have CUCM option for 12X in SIM configuration.
    • [TT3331818] Enhancement - Need ability to send DTMF from Console to support alphanumeric pagers.
    • #8892 Change: ExtDir - reduce logging (follow logging guidelines).
    • #8975 Fix possible crash of VPConsole when removing device comments:
      Client-side bug (Possible crash of console when VistaTDS/PCE sends uninitialized member vars)). Server-side bug (VistaTDS/PCE sends uninitialized member vars)).

WebConsole 4.4.78

Issue when Finesse agent does not logout after WebConsole exit.
Fix which should logout Finesse agent during WebConsole close operations already was added in WebConsole v4.4.77.23. We also added new minor changes related with Finesse widget logoff operation in updated WebConsole v4.4.78.0.

Issue when Finesse agent does not work after phone reset.
We tested scenario when reset phone using CUCM administration GUI. In result of phone reset widget showed “Not Ready” agent status. After that we tried to set phone to ready status and it was successfully changed. It is possible that issue was fixed in version That version had few changes related with agent status handling. In case customer still reproduces issue with updated WebConsole v4.4.78.0 then we need browser network log (HAR) when user resets phone and after that fails to change agent state to “Ready”.

WebConsole Release Notes build

  • [TT3331750] Update year in copyright strings (2018)


  • TT3331674 Enhancement: Add ACD Support into DeskBar.
    • Follow-up: improve usability, login in ACD, show message if server forces agent to log off from ACD.
  • TT3330113 Enhancement: Agent Greeting. Fully disabled media call processing for unlicensed Media Service applications.

Note: Removed need to manually enable media toolbar through registry in Console Companion and Agent Console. 


  • [TT3330113] Enhancement - Agent Greeting (Note. For Agent greeting installation and configuration see: Agent Greeting Setup.pdf)
  • [TT3331674] Enhancement: Add ACD Support into DeskBar.
  • [TT3331693] Fix: Console Companion, External Directory - Custom attributes data no longer appearing.
  • [TT3331765] Fix: Console licenses not released when PCE server crashed.
  • [TT3331141] Enhancement - Ability to Rename Ext Dir Tabs.

Known issues:

  • Usability issues of ACD Support in DeskBar
  • Deskbar doesn't remember what queues were logged in before
  • After restoring of VistaTDS connection user needs to log back in


  • [TT3330113] Agent Greeting - Internal release

build_4.4.77.16 (WebConsole) (CURRENT WEBCONSOLE RELEASE)

  • [TT3331715] Fix: Some BLF cells are showing idle state as “inactive” when idle in WebConsole
  • [TT3331727] Fix: Join call in WebConsole at connecting to server in not working

build_4.4.77.15 (CURRENT RELEASE)

  • [TT3331247] Finesse Widget: license not found
  • [TT3331709] Enhancement: Cells forwarded to internal numbers, should display the name along with forwarded ext. info inside the BLF Cell [Implemented in WebConsole]


  • Internal test build


  • [TT3331709] Enhancement: Cells forwarded to internal numbers, should display the name along with forwarded ext. info inside the BLF Cell [Implemented in Console Companion]


  • [TT3331705] Enhancement - Arrow Keys must allow user to move up and down inside Ext Dir
  • [TT3331611] Enhancement - Add ability to auto clear search fields after call transfer using right-click inside directory.
  • [TT3331693] Console Companion, External Directory. Custom attributes data no longer appearing.
  • [TT3330079] Personal group name pre-appended "~" reduces efficiency of call processing. Partial: Except Outlook. After update VPConsole will no longer appends or removes "~" automatically, instead it will allow to do this manually.
    So, if user already has local groups, then these groups will look like before (with ~).
    • If user edits local BLF group then the ~ will be present as regular character, and can be removed or added manually.
    • If user creates new groups the ~ will not be added.
    • To avoid possible name conflict with global groups, VPConsole adds space to the end of local group name. Global groups coming from CUCM does not have space at the end (CUCM strips spaces), however with older consoles it was possible to enter space at the end.
    • If this is the case (global group name contains one space at the end, and matches local group's name) then only global group will be shown. To see local group you need to rename global group (BLFAdmin) without spaces at the end.
    • New version of BLFAdmin won't allow spaces at the end of group name.


  • [TT3331699] Fix: When using “join call,” the user must “reselect” the call in the call list to drop
  • [TT3331700] Fix: When starting a Conference call, you must “reselect” the call in the call list to drop


  • Version number increased due to incomplete build


  • [TT3331612] Exchange & CUPS Plugins: Swapping Status note ID values only causes the order of notes to remain for a few minutes. Ordering by note ID. Vertical resizing of notes area of BLF cell
  • Fix possible CiscoSIM crash when using Cisco Native Call Queuing.
  • Internal: remove deprecated project VPExchangePlugin (replaced by VPExchange2010plugin).


  • [TT3331691]Fix:Park Panel in “BLF View” is missing CallerID of parked call.
    This is client-side fix - no need to update servers
  • [TT3331626] MSXML4 replaced by MSXML6


  • [TT3331682] Fix: VPLite/VPConsole not able to save last position of park panel


WebConsole  (

  • [TT3331680] Fix: Unable to send call to the same entry in Phonebook or groups without selecting a different entry first
  • [TT3331681] Fix: WebConsole the “Search at beginning of a field” option is checked but does not behave like it is checked


  • [TT3331685] Fix: issues noticed in build during ACD loop load testing.
  1. VPConsole - high CPU usage when ACD toolbar is enabled
  2. CiscoSIM memory leak (20-30 MB / day) in ACD loop test
  • #7053 – Fix: CiscoSIM - memory leak after pullback operation. 


  • [TT3331001] Fix: CiscoSIM may randomly fail to process fast asynchronous responses from TAPI. This fix may have positive impact on TT3331642 VistaPoint outages reported on
  • [TT3331654] Commandline tool for DB export. Additional fixes:
    • Correctly insert binary characters into string.
    • Accept multiline values.
    • Remove 8K line limit when importing csv files.
  • [TT3331656] Enhancement: Additional Parked Call information.
  • [TT3331662] Enhancement: Add option to Show/Hide agent’s ACD queues.
  • [TT3331666] Fix: SIM-related crash issue reported by customer in Patch that was provided is now included with this release. CiscoSIMx64_4.4.77.
  • [TT3331671] Fix: Need to re-select active call from the status window to CANCEL/COMPLETE Transfer.
  • [TT3331672] Enhancement: Provide option to Cancel Transfer using right-click.
  • [TT3331676] Fix: Incorrect call list sorting after call info changes.
  • [TT3331677] Change: Add radio button option to integrate with remote DB during server installation.
  • [TT3331678] Fix: License Administrator crash when PCE server is not started.
  • [TT3331679] Fix: Mouse right click on BLF not always set number in CallBox.
  • Cosmetic: Fix file name in VPLicAdm.exe version info (visible in explorer - properties).
  • Cosmetic: #6981 ERROR Invalid object reported in logs.
  • Cosmetic: #6941 Console icons missing on some commands.
  • Cosmetic: Empty error message displayed when user changes extension password and password do not match.
  • #6916 External Directory service does not start on test server. Workaround implemented: 2 trial licenses created for External Directory service (1 license consumed by PCE). NOTE: In production environment, you need to issue two licenses (VPEXTD)

Known issues

  1. DB export/import tool (VPDBExchange.exe) and DB export/import option in VPConfigurator may fail to import user password into new database.
    1. Password hashes are converted to binary data and stored in SQL server's NVARCHAR field.
    2. Binary data is not compatible with default SQL Server's UNICODE/ANSI translation rules. This depends on actual characters used in password.
    3. Database access library that was used for this tool losses some binary characters when reading and/or writing binary data.


  • [TT3331637] Fix: Issue seen when using Auto Pullback feature with external calls.
  • [TT3331642] Fix: VistaPoint crash scenarios:
    - Dead-lock/crash due to Fail fast policy (transformed to Continue with error indication)
    - Crash due to using deleted call object.
  • [TT3331654] New Tool for exporting databases
    • VPDBExchange.exe added to VistaPoint server Setup
    • VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6842 Database import loses relations when table has identity column
    • VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6843 Database might lose some data when importing subset of tables
    • VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6845 misleading error messages when DSN connection fails.
    • VPConfigurator - DB import/export: #6833 Configurator export to csv creates empty record when table is empty

WebReports (

  • [TT3331542] Fix: Reporting: issue regarding numbers not matching between report types

WebConsole (

  • [TT3331651] Fix: When “+” is used to ID devices, the WebConsole is refreshing about 8 seconds after login. Displays error that no licenses are available
  • [TT3331644] Enhancement - Add Queue stats to Finesse Widgets [Show only assigned queues data]


  • [TT3331634] Fix: Do not show connected party in BLF when expanded (global option in Option->Display)
  • [TT3331640] Fix: WebConsole - pullback options should be disabled when pullback feature is not enabled on VPServer/SIM
  • [TT3331644] Enhancement: Add Queue Stats to Finesse Widgets
  • #6746 CPS script 'CSV Lookup' doesn't show greetings
  • #6619 Fix: Theme changing only works in Administrator mode

 WebConsole (

  • TT3331640 Change: WebConsole pullback options should be disabled when pullback feature is not enabled on Server/SIM
  • TT3331644 Enhancement: Add Queue Stats to all Finesse Widgets
  • #6746 Fix: CPS script 'CSV Lookup' doesn't show greetings


  • [TT3331634] Change: Console Companion & WebConsole: "Show Connected Party" disabled by default, to require admin login.
  • [TT3331640] Fix: WebConsole - pullback options should be disabled when pullback feature is not enabled on Server/SIM. Added MANAGEDTRANSFER capability support in CSTAGateway.
  • #6652 Service installs should not allow choosing everyone vs Just me.
    Affected installers:
    • VPIEPluginSetup
    • VPLync2013PresencePluginSetup
    • VPLyncPresencePluginSetup
    • VPExchange2010PluginSetup
    • VPGoogleCalendarPluginSetup
  • #6651 Use consistent prefix in product names (VistaPoint Enterprise)
    Affected components:
    • VPGoogleCalenderSQLSetup
    • VPIEPluginSetup
    • VPLync2013PresencePluginSetup
    • VPLyncPresencePluginSetup
    • VPWebGoogleIDGeneratorSetup
    • VPExchange2010PluginSetup
    • VPGoogleCalendarPluginSetup
  • #6703 Fix: Unable to change visibility of some columns in parked calls list view

WebConsole (

    • [TT3331324] Change: Naming convention of VistaPoint services should always be consistent [Updated SB server name]
    • [TT3331634] Change: Console Companion & WebConsole: "Show Connected Party" disabled by default, to require admin login

WebReports (

    • [TT3331635] WebReports - New report to show queue statistics grouped by CalledId
    • [TT3331636] Fix: Web reports (Queue Statistics)

WebConsole (

    • [TT3330884] Fix: External call not displayed in conference box
    • [TT3331231] Fix: WebConsole: unable to select multiple cells to add to personal group
    • [TT3331600] Fix: External Directory - WebConsole [Fixed hidden status column]
    • [TT3331603] Update - update existing FHIR HL7 interface to latest standard
    • [TT3331605] Fix: WebConsole continues to display Emergency Alert
    • [TT3331611] Enhancement - Add ability to auto clear Ext Dir search fields after call transfer
    • [TT3331616] Enhancement - Option to show item BOLD [Implemented in WebConsole]
    • #6324 Finesse re-login after sign-out in Firefox
    • #6325 Finesse login fields validation

Release Notes 


    • Change: #6626 64 bit setup must include 64 bit dbghelp.dll.
    • Fix: #6608 possible crash of Agent console crash when changing groups
    • Fix: #6516 Send call not working if pullback option selected in console but not enabled on server.
    • build_4.4.76.12
    • Fix: bug #6499 Pullback options in Console (radio button) may show double selection.
    • TT3331620 Fix: Calls are not being redirected to a free agent. Merged from CiscoSIM patch
    • TT3331572 Fix: Random phones are unable to be set to DND. Merged from CiscoSIM patch
    • TT3331616 Enhancement: Option to show item BOLD (final)



    • TT3331520 Enhancement to Call Back feature – show who the call was redirected from on RNA
    • build_4.4.76.5
    • TT3331610 Fix: VistaTDS crash (#6247 PCE stability test Fixed crash found during ACD loop testing and in CallGenerator tests.
    • TT3331622 Fix: VPConsole startup time increased and Emergency notification fails (regress in .
    • TT3331621 Fix: Transferring call results in loss of call comment
    • TT3331587 Enhancement: Auto Refresh Ext Directories
    • TT3331611 Enhancement: Option to auto clear search fields after call transfer
    • Cosmetic Console GUI fix - Call box was incorrectly cleared when row is unselected in external directory.


    • Internal: Reduce # of ACD log messages at info level
    • Internal: Add ANNOTATION DUMP feature to VistaTDS to ask dump of internal structures from Configurator
    • TT3331617 Fix: Can no longer create a functional secondary SIM instance
    • TT3331579 Enhancement - new method to transfer calls in UCCX/E deployments

Build Release Notes

WebConsole (

  • [TT3331600] Defect - External Directory - WebConsole
  • [TT3331601] Defect - Status notes not being displayed inside Ext Dir of WebConsole
  • [TT3331602] Enhancement - Ability to search multiple words in Ext Dir
  • #6134 WebConsole - Join call button is not disabled when conference is selected

ACD Reporting Module (

  • [TT3331566] Fix: Defect - Web-based Reports: Data not consistent when generating different report types

VistaPoint Enterprise (


  • Internal: Enhancement of test tools / scripts


  • PCE Stability: #6186 memory leaks. Make background handle collector more aggressive (normal priority, event based processing);
    • Ensure internal VTDSUser object decrements reference counter when removed from list;
    • Add more logging and periodic memory statistics;
  • Fix memory leaks in iQEnumTapi
  • PCE stability. Eliminating uninitialized memory access warnings
  • #6169 VPConfigurator-Database-Remove all BLFs: VPNotes does not remove extensions


  • PCE Stability - missing pointer check for NULL
  • Fix crash in Consoles on Windows 7.
  • Internal: Enhancement of test tools / scripts (Start/Stop scripts)
  • Internal: fix call_generator connect/disconnect and log file usage


  • PCE stability:
    #6151 VTDS mismatched memory cleanup on Device removal
    #5955 Failed to connect VistaPCE server (PCE crash)
    • Eliminating "Uninitialized memory used" warnings
    • Fix change flags initialization on new objects
    • Fixing issue that internal call structure is rewritten instead of copying         
    • Fixing issue that just part of message is zeroed
    • Fixing issue that wrong structure pointer is passed to function (required VTDSCall, but sent VISTACALL)
    • Fixing wrong pointer passed (pointer passed was of incorrect structure, which is shorter and later used as longer one.
    • Fixing possible issue when modules may not be notified that user is disconnected (this may cause incorrect licensing behavior)
  • [TT3331494] Fix: Console Companions becoming unresponsive on many occasions
  • [TT3330880] Fix: Unable to add new answered call to conference (WebConsole) - correct given conference call handle.
  • Bug #5951 CPS function SetTimeout crash in button event.
  • Internal: CTE custom notes test - add more text
  • Internal: CTE - fix virtual SIM bug when processing multiple calls on the same device
  • Internal: log connected clients after change


  • Internal: fix java build error


  • PCE Stability (Crash).
    #5976 Switch to DLL version of boost::thread
    fix crash when client disconnects during connect phase (invalid invalid-handle check)
  • [TT3331587] Enhancement - Auto Refresh Ext Directories.
  • [TT3331503] Fix: Desktop Companion crashing for unknown reason.
  • [TT3331580] Setting value to 0 in call log from default 500 will crash the console on call activity
  • [TT3331524] Console Companion External Directory: custom attributes columns create more than once time without data
  • #5819 Console Companion External Directory: Add or delete custom attributes incorrectly sets current layout in all tab.
  • #5977 VPTapiStart -fails to start after fresh install
  • Remove deprecated projects: MiTAiSIM, SonusSIM, VCXSIM
  • Internal: logging enhancements
  • Internal: fix System Capabilities logging
  • Internal: add 64 bit platform to thirdparty genx
  • Internal. Eliminate VPDesktop debug assert in admin login.


  • [TT3331436] Fix: Console Companion External Directory: No custom attributes when tabbed view is enabled. Final.
  • [TT3331549] Fix: ACD "Park Calls" sometimes not redirecting to idle Agents. Fix: CiscoSIM was losing DND status after device OutOffService, and again InService
  • PCE Stability - fix internal SpinLock implementation (void 100% CPU)
  • Internal: format TAPI memory dump with structure size marker


  • PCE Stability:
    • Create unit test for internal SpinLock
    • Fix possible memory corruption when processing request from Client
    • CiscoSIM stability – Enhancement: Do not leave unitialized memory
  • #5785 GEN4 - VPNotes - garbled info logged when using Park. Reduces number of DB request when using park.
  • #5768 sorting error when using 2 or more ACD queues.
  • #5784 GEN4 - VistaTDS - misleading ERROR messages in log when using ACD


  • [TT3331555] Enhancement - Automatic queue selection option (WebConsole, VPConsole). Finalized.
  • [TT3331564] Full build WebConsole issue seen in LAB. Watchdog issues - fixed.


  • [TT3331541] Fix: Server setting for missed calls is no longer working for a customer


  • [TT3331565] Fix: A recent Nessus scan found our VistaPoint server has the following vulnerability. Fixed in WPWatchdog and other plugins

WebConsole Release Notes for build 

  • Fix: Java compatibility issue with WebConsole (v4.4.75.8)

WebConsole Release Notes for build

  • [TT3331360] Enhancement - Call Tracker auto select from drop-down list
    [TT3331576] WebConsole, Finesse: Fix: Stuck in "Talking" state after performing blind transfer of call delivered from UCCE [ Added support for handling of Work state]
  • [TT3331586] Enhancement - Need Darker Grid Lines
  • [TT3331587] Enhancement - Auto Refresh Ext Directories [WebConsole]
  • [TT3331561] Fix - Finesse Supervisor Widget not working with UCCE
  • #6096 Widgets versioning

Build Release Notes (covers –


  • PCE Stability: fix crash due to third party library boost::thread (doesn't support exe/dll boundary crossing when linked statically)
  • PCE Stability: fix crash when client disconnects during connect phase (invalid invalid-handle check)
  • PCE Stability: fix internal SpinLock implementation (void 100% CPU peaks)
  • [TT3331580] Setting value to 0 in call log from default 500 will crash the console on call activity
  • [TT3331524] Console Companion External Directory: custom attributes columns create more than once time without data
  • #5977 VPTapiStart -fails to start after fresh install
  • [TT3331587] Enhancement - Auto Refresh Ext Directories.
  • Remove deprecated projects from Configurator (MitaSIM, SonusSIM, VCXSIM)


  • [TT3331436] fix: Console Companion External Directory: No custom attributes when tabbed view is enabled.
  • [TT3331549] fix: ACD "Park Calls" sometimes not redirecting to idle Agents. Fixed in CiscoSIM - was losing DND status after device OutOffService, and again InService
  • Logging enhancement: format TAPI memory dump with structure size marker


  • PCE Stability: fix possible memory corruption when processing request from Client
  • #5768 call list sorting error when using 2 or more ACD queues
  • #5784 VistaTDS - misleading ERROR messages in log when using ACD
  • [TT3331436] fix: Console Companion External Directory: No custom attributes when tabbed view is enabled. Partial fix (custom attributes in separate tab).
  • Build tools: fix build failure when timestamping succeeds after retry

Build Release Notes (covers –

  • PCE Fix: Random PCE crash during startup after upgrading
  • [TT3331556] Fix: Highlighting of External Directory when using multiple tabs
  • Watchdog Fix: Upgrade to Watchdog - all other services are OK.
  • PCE Minor fix: Reduce CPU usage when full logging is enabled
  • Enhancement: Active Directory Authentication:
    • AD multiple extension support requires that Server, Console, CSTAGAteway, and WebConsole must be of the same matching version:
    • In future, independent upgrades won't break compatibility.
    • AD multiple extension support in server is not compatible with previous version of Consoles, CSTAGAteway, or WebConsole that support AD without multiple extension support.
    • Compatibility is broken between these intermediate versions only when using AD login - all other functions are not affected.
  •  PCE Stability Enhancement: Watchdog intervention fix.
    • New method introduced to check server availability.
    • This method is supposed to be less intrusive to PCE server and provides more information in a log.
  • [TT3331558] Enhancement: AD Authentication to support multiple user extensions
    • Fix misleading notification message when changing AD parameters.
  • [TT3331513] Enhancement: Add support of French and Spanish Languages in WebConsole.
    • Also added to standalone consoles
  • #5669 PCE Stability fix: - possible cbdns deadlock on startup (vtune: Lock hierarchy violation)
  • [TT3331531] Fix: VPDirectory using multiple extensions
  • [TT3331555] Enhancement to CPS supporting automatic queue selection option. Partial (Final)
  • #5653 VPDirectory multiple extensions - add to PCE server. Partial
  • VPWatchdog enhancements:
    1. Do not restart all services when simple VistaTDS start is enough.
    2. Void unexpected restart during system startup
  • #5532 Fix: Outlook Companion shows empty page (regress after multilingual support updates)
  • #5647 Fix: Fourth (4th) call is inserted incorrectly in RP queue
  • #5617 VPConsole Change: Application should restart automatically after user changes language.
  •  #5581 iQEnumerateTapi enhancements - added compact view commandline options. To get help use following command from commandline: iQEnumerateTapi /?
  •  Fix memory leak when doing Synchronous transaction to server
  •  [TT3331058] Fix: Stuck calls accumulating in ACD queue --> T3331549 ACD "Park Calls" sometimes not redirecting to idle Agents
  • #5513 multilingual support missing in Standalone Consoles when AD is enabled.
  • #5528 VPDirectory Configuration: warning required when test returns multiple results
  • #5526 VPDirectory Configuration: should require username/psw to test
  • #5527 VPDirectory Configuration: should require {user} tag
  • AD Configurator Fix: Phone Attribute wasn't being saved
  • #5493 Enumerate Tapi should create DailyLogs folder if it's not there.
  • Fix issue when a Console is not installed on the PCE server.
  • [TT3331561] Fix: Finesse Supervisor Widget not working with UCCE


Build - Release notes (changes since


  • [TT3330949] Fix: "Sort by Status Note” is correctly selected as choice but sorted content is inaccurate
  • [TT3330997] Enhancement: VPLite has no way currently to correct\delete obsolete data.
  • Fixed in GEN4: add cache/logs/registry cleanup function to VPConsole (GEN4), Add cmdline /clearlogs, /clearreg support
  • [TT3331048] Fix: Exchange Plug-in: Clicking on Appointment Filters tab in Exchange configurator causes BEX crash
  • [TT3331380] Fix: (VPLite) Not able to use "send to voicemail" internal digit length on all targets = xxx-xxxx. Enabled sending voicemail to non-monitored device includes non-monitored targets
  • [TT3331392] Change: VPLite: Theoretically if TOD refresh that is set stalls updating cache it might create issues?? Set defaults to refresh every 1 hour
  • [TT3331401] Enhancement: Pull back unanswered call - #4546 Call automation configuration in VPLite
  • [TT3331444] Fix: - Ring PC feature continues to ring the PC until the call is disconnected
  • [TT3331472] Getting error for instant message that recipient cannot receive.
  • [TT3331499] Enhancement - Increase font size in all Call List by one "X Large"
  • [TT3331509] Fix: PCE crashes and will not start with 404 characters or more in the "Body template" text box of emergency email config.
  • [TT3331510] Customer requester change: Special version of Deskbar with name Waldo
  • [TT3331522] Fix: External Directory: presence functionality behaving erratically
  • [TT3331522] Fix: External Directory: presence functionality behaving erratically
  • [TT3331527] Fix - Line Column in Console will not hide
  • [TT3331529] Fix: Automatic restart after import/export of settings doesn't work
  • [TT3331531] Enhancement: VistaPoint Integration with Active Directory – Phase I
    • This version of AD implementation has the following restrictions:
      • Not supported in non-English Consoles
      • AD login not included in Outlook Companion. Will display a “license not available” message when trying to connect to PCE with AD enabled.
      • AD login not included in Deskbar. Will display a “license not available message” when trying to connect to PCE with AD enabled.
      • AD login not included in VPBlfAdmin tool. This tool will use old admin login password.
      • Consoles must be upgraded to matching version ( for AD feature  to work.
      • CSTAGateway and WebConsole must be upgraded to matching version ( for AD feature to work.
      • Trying to connect to AD-enabled VistaPoint server with older clients will give “License not available” error.
  • [TT3331301] Fix: Console Companion External Directory text compressed when scrolling
  • [TT3331467] Fix: WebConsole configuration attempting to save changes

Other Changes in

  • Cosmetic: BLFAdmin - do not disable changing password in group when some non-active BLF is selected
  • #5322 Change: External Directory service license - added new license type VPDIR
  • Change: Default value for BLF Updates changed to "Update automatically"
  • Non-automatic BLF updates should be only used when Automatic updates causes a problem
  • Remove /nocache commandline switch (confusing - looks like Console is being started without caching, duplicate of /clearcache)
  • Fix: Console/CSTAGAteway crash when dumping extra info events (status notes) at TRACE3 log level
  • #5287 Fix: GEN4( doesn't clear all cache files. Gen5 doesn't clear all log files.

Build through — Release Notes 

  • [TT3331386] Change: corrected VPDeskbar product version
  • Internal change: remove PCE Warning invalid Remove Object ID (SIM should not remove objects not registered in PCE, and already removed objects)
  • Internal change: eliminate incorrect handle removal indication
  • [TT3331358] Fix: v.73 Clients where stuck in loading process
  • [TT3331384] Fix: High CPU usage on VPSERVER01 when there is no activity (PCE -30%)
  • [TT3331383] Fix: Random PCE crash with exception code 0xC0000094 (zero divide)
  • BCGControlBarPro Enhancement: upgraded to version BCG 2440
  • Applies to all Consoles and VPConfigurator
  • No visible difference in functionality, this is just per-requisite of further development
  • [TT3331340] Fix: Deskbar installer is failing to register .dll files on "some" PC's
  • Internal: incorrect error code was logged when import of license file failed
  • [TT3331356] Enhancement: Need 32-bit version of the VPTapiStart service
  • [TT3331349] Change: TigetText Module needs to be a licensed component
  • Internal changes in build scripts - no change in functionality.
  • [TT3331444] Fix: the “Ring PC” feature continues to ring the PC until after the call is disconnected

 WebConsole Release Notes for build through

  • [TT3330837] WebConsole Enhancement: provide alternative to CPS greetings (display comment based on incoming call) [Increased CPS area panel font size]
  • [TT3331357] Enhancement: WebConsole [Added feature to monitor ringing extensions]
  • [TT3331359] Enhancement: Need ability to edit Call Tracker records
  • [TT3331360] Enhancement: Call Tracker auto select from drop-down list
  • [TT3331361] Call Tracker – Enhancement: Display the caller’s record “details” inside history
  • [TT3331363] .73 WebConsole agent login failed [Fixed. Added escaping of "*" in topic name]
  • [TT3331364] Call Tracker New field not working as expected [Fixed callerDID and calledName fields]
  • [TT3331365] Change: Call Tracker and Tiger Txt modules to be disabled by default
  • [TT3331371] Fix: WebConsole using ACD Make Busy on RNA
  • Bug #3805 One WebConsole not shown devices after VP services restart
  • Bug #3816 Testing 186 pc restart, Restart script

Build — Release Notes

  • CPS implementation updated to match latest version of CPS scripting language (1.1)
    • function added: cps.Log(message)
    • property added: cps.CPSType.
  • [TT3331331] Fix: ACD Module Calls from AutoPark that go RNA are not redirected correctly.
    • Possible fix/workaround added - CiscoSIM's "Call protection interval" applied to Redirect command.
    • Value of "Call protection interval" parameter depends on CUCM and Unity response times and needs tuning on each specific installation.
    • 200ms was OK in DEV testing environment. Changed VistaTDS.
  • [TT3331320] Fix: SMTP configuration for emergency alerts not allowing anonymous connection. Changed VistaTDS
  • Enhancement: #3892 Ability to get/set cps related data from VP server. Changed CSTAGAteway (required for CPS support in WebConsole).
  • [TT3331337] Fix: Incorrect string in CiscoSIM startup field Held/offering call transfer.
  • [TT3330881] Enhancement: We need to include latest version of SQL (vs what is now a part of our software at v.2005)
    1. VPServerSetup file size is now 264MB (was 158MB)
    2. On fresh install SQLServer Express 2014 is installed.
    3. SQL Server Express 2014 Setup prompts for extract directory. User must press OK to confirm.
    4. SQL Server express 2014 GUI is present during install to shows install progress.  Although GUI can be hidden, but it's better to allow administrator to see what's going on.
    5. When upgrading from older VP version (with SQL Server express 2005) database engine is NOT automatically upgraded to 2014.  User need to use package to upgrade SQL Server to 2014. can be applied before or after upgrade to
  • [TT3331254] Fix: CUPS plugin, CUCM response: "Wrong axl version, supported versions are 9.x,10.x and 11.0", running 11.5. Regress bug fixed (CUPS Presence Plugin configuration panel = 'Unsupported operation')
  • Enhancement CPS Enhancement: Show description from RegisterCommand on Custom Toolbar options panel.
  • Enhancement #3910 CPS OnConnect/OnDisconnect events are not called
  • Fix CPS security bug: Arbitrary index can be used in SetCallData and GetCallData. Restrict to allowed indexes 0-9.
  • Internal: logging enhancements - add API to set log limits
  • [TT3331322] Fix: ACD Reports need to show call “redirect” history.
    Implemented in VistaTDS when transfer is initiated from Consoles.
    Now VistaTDS correctly fills RedirectTo field in call logs (upon which WebReport is based) in following cases:
    • ACD redirected calls (from/to RP, from/to AutoPark, from/to VM)
    • Send Call (blind transfer) was done from Console
    • Supervised transfer was initiated from Console


Known call logging restrictions:

If transfer is initiated manually from phone then RedirectTo will not be tracked and WebReports will not show call as transferred. This is because only partial information is available from CUCM/CiscoTSP.

If remote party of call being transfer drops a call, then this call will be marked as transferred (RedirectTo field will be set) and WebReports will show call as transferred when actually transfer was canceled.


  • [TT3331296] Fix: WebConnsole\CSTA: After reboot my WebConsole is not interacting with phone activity. VistaTDS license check request delay set to 20 seconds (was 60 seconds) Implemented CSTAGAteway-to-SBServer exchange protocol enhancement to better support fail-over/reconnect scenarios
  • [TT3330404] Enhancement: SMTP Test button. Additional logging added (configuration info and emails sent into log)..Do not expose SMTP passwords in a log
  • Internal change: VPNotes: use hex format for GUIDs, add consistent logging of BLF group operations
  • Internal change: add logging into BLFAdmin
  • [TT3330926] Enhancement: VistaPoint Emergency call alert email timestamps.
    • add timezone offset to Date header.
    • add {TZOffset} tag, formatted as UTC+hhmm or UTC-hhmm
  • Internal updates (logging, upgrade CSmtp_ssl to v2.4)
     - timestamp provided in email body according email formatting template tag {Timestamp} tag is in local time.
        if email is viewed in the same time zone (regardless of what zones intermediate SMTP servers are in), then timestamps will match, otherwise email sent time and time in email body will be different.
     - to avoid possible confusion, new formatting tag added {TZOffset}. Use this tag in email template to have UTC+hhmm or UTC-hhmm string which shows times zone offset.
       For example template
           Emergency call from {OriginAddress} to {CallerID} at {Timestamp}
           formats email as as:
           Emergency call from 5026 to 911 at 03-30-2016 03:54PM
           Emergency call from {OriginAddress} to {CallerID} at {Timestamp} ({TZOffset})
           formats email as:
           Emergency call from 5026 to 911 at 03-30-2016 03:54PM (UTC+0300)
    Therefore it should be possible to recognize actual local and GMT time of call time (from Server's clock), and email send time (from server’s email proxy), and email receive time (from email client's Server).
  • [TT3331150] Fix: Deskbar: Update Status, Call Control, and Enterprise Directory buttons grayed out
  • Internal change: logging consistency (log email parameters at INFO level))
  • [TT3331316] Fix: CiscoSIM does not report existing call on startup if VPTapiStart is running.
  • [TT3331315] Fix: Discrepancies between application BLF view and Admin tool BLF view
  • [TT3331314] Fix: ACD License should be consumed
  • Internal change: code cleanup and logging enhancements
  • Internal change: Project cleanup
  • [TT3331299] Enhancement: Console Companion external directory (LDAP), unwanted non-phone related entries
  •  [TT3331306] Fix: VPNotes service starts and stops if SQL service is not available
  • Enhancement: VPWatchdog - eliminate unnecessary restart prompt on upgrade install
  • [TT3331295] Fix: Sort order in DB maintenance tool seems to be not very accurate
  • [TT3331293] Fix: ( CSTA\WebConsole after a short time of working seems to have crashed.
  • [TT3331290] Fix: We are no longer able to see>save global status notes
  • [TT3331283] Fix: WebConsole (.72.3): I don't get any activity for off-hook in either the call list or on my BLF. Fixed in CSTAGAteway.
  • [TT3331286] Fix: Default value for internal VistaTDS messaging mode is incorrect
    Changed in VistaTDS (PCE server). Default value of dc_use_dcqueue parameter in C:\Windows\VtdsLib.ini is now 1 (enabled).
    This enables new internal communication mode in PCE to avoid pipe related errors. New mode uses internal message queuing instead of Windows pipes.
    Option dc_use_dcqueue=0 can be set to have old (pipe based) messaging. Old behavior is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
    This is server internal setting - clients (Console, CSTAGAetway, SIM, plugins) do not use this option.
  • Cosmetic internal changes (logging enhancements)
  • [TT3331275] Fix: Defect WebConsole: CSTA Service crash Crash not reproducible in DEV-LAB, possible fix added.
  • Internal fixes (preparing for TT3331204 Enhancement of CiscoSIM startup (CUCM directory))


WebConsole Release Notes 4.4.73

  • [TT333083] Fix: WebConsole - alternative to CPS greetings (display comment based on incoming call)
  • [TT3331304] Fix: WebConsole: ACD Agents will sometimes see restricted queue
  • [TT3331338] Fix: WebConsole TAB key when creating speed-dial issue Task #3871 CPS configuration tab
  • Fix Bug #3814 Default client logging status
  • Fix Bug #3930 Print plugins log with action script logger
  • Fix Bug #3957 cps logger configuration
  • Fix Bug #3763 multiple instance of trial license popup

Build — Release Notes 

  • [T3331203] (Possible enhancement of CiscoSIM startup (TAPI)) VPTapiStart component implemented (see below)
  • Fix random VPConsole crash when changing log levels
  • [TT3331133] Enhancement WebConsole - Add DID (Direction) fields to Call List.
  • Add support functions to CSTAGateway (#3509 DID and DIDName fields in call events)
  • WebConsole stability - WebConsole does not shows active call after PCE restart (CSTAGateway fix #3513 CheckCallValidity timeouted error in CSTAGateway after PCE restart)
  • Bug #3478 Incorrect monitor ids after PCE restart (CSTAGateway)
  • Fix: regress (CiscoSIM fails to report devices to TDS) after partial implementation of VPTapiStart service
  • [TT3331239] WebConsole (.71): Some BLF cells are showing as inactive until there is phone activity for 2 of our users. Fixing regress after optimization #3407 BackInService events after device remove (CSTAGateway))
  • WebConsole requirement #3453 CSTAGateway should report SystemStatus events when connection to VTDS lost/restored
  • [TT3331233] Requirement Need to update year in copyright strings (2016). Partial: standalone Console and PCE Server
  • [TT3331257] WebConsole Fix:: “My Parked Calls” Issue with External Calls.
  • CSTAGateway fix (Bug #3515 Call events do not have lastRoutePoint value when calling from external extension)
  • [TT3331361] Defect Fix: WebConsole “Caller Name” and “Called Name” fields not being populated. CSTAGAteway fix added.
  • TT3331272 VPConsole - Allow external directory to retrieve records that do not contain phone related data.
  • [TT3331271] Add “Park for” function to VPConsole External Directory context menu
  • [TT3331270] Add “Call Pickup” function to VPConsole External Directory context menu
  • [TT3331269] Add licensing for Call Tracker module.
  • [TT3331266] Defect Fix: Call comments are not present for existing call when VPConsole starts or reconnects.

New component VistaPoint TAPI Start (VPTapiStart)

  • This service opens all TAPI lines and keeps them open all the time in order to reduce CiscoSIM startup/restart time.
  • Visual effect - CiscoSIM controlled BLFs becomes active (blue) faster than without VPTapiStart.
  • This service is optional - CiscoSIM works well without it.
  • Component is not licensed.
  • It is recommended to install this service on computers running CiscoSIM when:
    • CUCM and CiscoSIM are connected remotely (different subnet or cloud, and communication latency - ping - exceed 1ms)
    • There are more than 20 TAPI lines
    • Several instances of CiscoSIM installed on the same server
    • CiscoSIM is restarted often (for example in test lab)
    • Both 32 bit and 64 bit installers provided.
    • VPTapiStart is platform independent, i.e. 32 bit VPTapistart can run along 64-bit SIM and vice versus.
    • VPTapiStart is version independent, i.e. VPTapistart can run along any version of CiscoSIM (even older) and will provide same effect.

Build — Release Notes

  • Enhancement: introduce feature "Add to log" inside the VPConfigurator and PCE server. This allows administrators to provide short ANNOTATION in PCE log, and allows easy tracking/locating issue when analyzing logs. It is desirable to use this function whenever performing test scenarios to reproduce some issue.
  • Bug #3101 CSTAGateway crash with large BLF groups (1500+ device in a group)
  • Internal: Licensing code VPFNS added to VPLicSrv. License check will be implemented in WebConsole.
  • WebConsole and CSTAGateway stability fix: #3100 (Unable to send messages/responses from CSTAGateway that are larger than 64K) Due this this bug WebConsole was not able to show correctly more than 1,500-2,000 devices when devices were split into many groups.
  • #3280 batchDND, batchForward and batchMessageWaitingIndicator requests in CSTAGateway to support WebConsole's performance.
  • CSTAGateway/WebConsole performance enhancement(s) - eliminate duplicated BackInService events after BLF removal.
  • CSTAGateway/WebConsole performance enhancement(s) - use batch updates to repoprt DND, Forward and MessageWaitingIndicator
  • Fix: VPDesktop crash when opening menus (crash introduced with enhancement TT3331189 ACD Licensing)
  • T3331199 Requirement: Hide ACD toolbar and ACD functions when ACD is not licensed
  • TT3330893 Google calendar plug-in, something appending leading digits to user DN's retrieved from LDAP. Partial/Cosmetic fix - show actual number in log
  • TT3331023 Defect Fix: Stuck data in BLF Last Name/Department fields
  • TT3331056 Enhancement: Watchdog should restart only necessary services and dependents
  • TT3331170 BLF Update button is not an option in WebConsole - Refresh options in CSTAGateway/Configurator
  • TT3331172 Enhancement: Default setting for SIM directory fetch
  • TT3331175 Defect Fix: High CPU Usage After v4.4.68 Upgrade.
  • TT3331082 Improvements to increase VPServer performance and stability
  • TT3331185 Requirement Licensing code for Finesse Widgets
  • TT3331189 ACD Module Licensing introduced
  • TT3331200 Defect Fix: WebConsole: global content missing after reboot/CSTA restart
  • TT3331211 Fix: External Directory (ODBC) in the Console Companion, using certain characters causes BEX crash
  • VPConfigurator: Cosmetic change to make text red: ACD Feature license not available
  • WebConsole and CSTAGateway stability fix: #3100 (Unable to send messages/responses from CSTAGateway that are large than 64K)
  • Internal: fix: CiscoSIM to report Module names after restart (used with Auto Tenanting)
  • Internal: fix: possible crash when logging long multi-line messages
  • Internal: Performance enhancement to avoid 100% CPU usage in BUSY loop when reporting updates to clients

Build — Release Notes

  • [TT3331108] Enhancement – Add presence and status inside External Directory - Partial: status note
  • [TT3330663] Enhancement – Color Code external directory – fixed crash due to changes made by user
  • [TT3330392] Enhancement – Place External Directory Panels in separate tabs/windows.
  • [TT3331121] Colorize External Directory lines similar to BLF when in List View (fix state by caller id).
  • [TT3331132] Enhancement Add DID (Direction) fields to Call List.
  • [TT3331136] Enhancement Limit the Configurator and License Admin to only running one instance Note: If shortcut pressed while application is already running, it will be activated instead of starting new instance.
  • [TT3331138] Enhancement – Add option to show grid lines in BLF List, Call List, and the External Directory
  • [TT3331142] Defect – Fix connection to external files using Ext Dir.
  • Modify: VPLite External Directory column "Note" should be initialized to 0 width (status notes are not supported in VPLite)
  • Enhancement: Display the External Directory counts inside title bar
  • Additional optimization done:
    • reduce RAM and CPU usage during External Directory load - ~reduced by five (5) times,
    • reduce screen flickering when loading or customizing External Directory panel (number of repaints reduced by ten (10) times)


  • #2928 Fix: The Highlight rules order is not always correct
  • #2967 Fix: The Highlighting popup cancel button didn't work as it should
  • #2950 Enhancement: Need to improve external directory configuration update mechanism. Also fixed scenario when all external directory configurations are disabled and then re-enabled

Build — Release Notes 

  • [TT3330875] Enhancement PCE Limiter so that only 1 Client can receiving global update at a time (configurable) default value set to 5
  • [TT3330887] Fix: VPClientSetup installs conflicting application types by default
  • [TT3330957] Fix: CUCM 10.x: "Set DND" in BLF context menu does not enable DND flag and instead sets Fwd All to primary DN
  • [TT3331043] Fix: Drag and drop active calls to the external directory to transfer calls
  • [TT3331044] Enhancement: Display status when clients are loading and have completed load
  • [TT3331070] Fix: PCE issue seen in LAB ( &
  • [TT3331078] Enhancement: Client check valve to offset theoretical issue where clients go into never-ending unmeasurable load loop (BLF update button)
  • [TT3331092] Enhancement: External Directory (LDAP) support for larger directories
  • [TT3331094] Fix: External Directory (LDAP) is unable to connect via LDAP
  • [TT3331099] Fix: VistaPoint Console Companion duplicate entries when fetching large amount data from LDAP
  • [TT3331108] Enhancement - Add presence inside External Directory

Build — Release Notes 

  • [TT3330860] Add support for global call id change on transfers to agent/rp/ap to improve ACD distribution of AutoParked Calls
  • [TT3330875] Enhancement – Added PCE configurable limiter so that admin can define the total number of clients that can receive global updates.
    • Add Configuration item ""Client Update Limit""
    • Show Queued Updates in Console GUI and Outlook companion GUI
  • [TT3331034] Enhancement Add CUCM v11.x to SIM configuration drop-down list
  • [TT3331036] Defect (Fixed) CiscoSIM reports off-service devices as active after Rescan
  • [TT3331039] Defect  (Fixed) BLFs missing in Console after server restart when extension cache disabled
  • [TT3331040] Defect (Fixed) BLFs missing in Console after changing “MyExtension” when extension cache disabled
  • [TT3331053] Fixed random CSTAGateway crash when removing calls or devices
  • [TT3331054] Fixed random CSTAGateway crash when removing call comments
  • [TT3331055] Watchdog should stop plugins before main services
  • [TT3331057] Fixed CiscoSIM stuck call removal feature does not work on “SetCallValues” request
  • [TT3331058] Fixed issue with stuck calls accumulating in ACD queue
  • [TT3331064] Defect (Fixed) Issues with multi-sim and survival rate of looped calls in ACD
  • TT(Customer requested enhancement): CRM Lookup script based on stored procedure
  • TT(multiple): Fixed BLF reporting performance degradation with multiple clients (client freezing)
  • Internal maintainability fixes: Code comments, Code clean-up, Reduce compiler warnings, Logging enhancements.

Build — Release Notes

  •  [TT3331030] "Call pickup" modified automatically reconnect to caller. 

Build — Release Notes

  •  [TT3330991] Fix: First Name/Last Name fields revert to Cisco Line [SEP…] and a single call is displayed in Call List multiple times
  • [TT3330996] Looks like a PCE outage. Partial fix - fixed known PCE crash causing PCE outage due to missing TAPI/CiscoTSP event:
    • CiscoSIM now removes internal object for missed LINE_REPLY event. This ensures that incorrect call handle won't be used by CiscoSIM.
    • VistaTDS (PCE) now checks content type of binary call event message. This ensures that even if CiscoSIM sends call event with invalid call handle, PCE won't crash due to binary structure mismatch.
    • VistaTDS now ignores call events on non-registered calls. This ensures that even if CiscoSIM sends call event with invalid call handle, PCE won't misinterpret this call.
  • [TT3331009] Fix: ACD Problems with calls that are arriving from CallHandler in our office. Fixed by adding "Call Protection Interval" option in CiscoSIM configuration. Default value of this option is 0ms (i.e. no call protection), and should be tuned depending on environment. Value 100ms is known to fix issue at iQ test server. In general, this value should be higher than time required for UCM to report all call events directly caused by Call Handler redirection.
  • [TT3331021] Calls being automatically answered. Partial fix - fixed known issue in CiscoSIM when auto-answering is caused by ACD agents using manual answer from a queue at the same time when Automatic Call Distribution is enabled (CiscoSIM was answering wrong call). Fix also covers Call Pickup scenario causing same issue.
  • Add VPEIOBoard Plugin version info
  • Add version info to VPWatchdog.exe
  • Fix: "Parked For" information may have been lost in some scenarios

Build — Release Notes:

  • Stability: Fixed PCE Memory leaks (handle leaking in various re-connect scenarios)
  • Stability: ACD/Autopark rework
  • Secondary line support for AutoPark/vm pool
  • Dedicated autopark device support
  • Secondary lines support for AutoPark devices
  • AutoPark safeguard against call dropping due to reversion of parked calls – includes:
    • [TT3330977] Fix Defect ACD Callers that drop for unknown reason
    • [TT3330860] Fix Defect ACD distribution stops under testing (not so easy to reproduce)
    • [TT3330987] Fix Defect Calls that arrive to AutoPark DN directly will often fail to distribute to Agent until after call has gone through recall
  • Validation of configured AutoPark pool devices in VPConfigurator
  • [TT3330322] Enhancement - Need Name Field inside RP Rules
  • [TT3330329] Enhancement ACD configuration GUI redesign (Reset, ResetAll, simple ACD configuration report)
  • [TT3330527] Enhancement Executive CPS script should be included with Client installer (partial)
  • [TT3330705] Fix VPCSTAGateway crashing when VPLCS license not available
  • [TT3330874] Fix Defect WebConsole: pa

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